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Phishing Attacks Up 640%…. But why???

By April 16, 2021No Comments

I recently attended a security presentation where they shared the latest threat analytics from the past year. It’s staggering to see that phishing activities are up 640%. Yes, that’s right!!! An increase like that begs the question… “Why?” The simple answer is that phishing just works. That which makes us human, also makes our companies and organizations vulnerable to this type of attack. The decentralized workforce of 2020, helped scammers to hit people from unsecured computers and networks, making it easier to infultrate their mailboxes, cloud apps, and other company resources.

Cybersecurity isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. We work with each of our clients to set a dynamic security plan and deploy next-generation security that protects against known and potentially unknown attacks in the ever-changing threat landscape. Here’s one of many solutions that we employ to help prevent credentials from being handed over to phishing sites.

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