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What a Iranian Cyber Attack Means to Your Business

By January 8, 2020No Comments

The threat of cyber warfare has peaked in the last two weeks due to the rising tensions between the US and Iran. While Iran is not the most sophisticated actor in cyber warfare it is formidable. DHS has issued several warnings to US citizens and businesses about the growing risk of cyber threats. Scott Tong of Marketplace, provides a great thumbnail sketch of how an attack from Iran or one of it’s proxies could affect your business. Surprisingly, it’s not a sophisticated malware attack. It’s more likely something as simple as a Linkedin phishing campagne. All they need is you to click the errant link and they can have a foot hold in your corporate network.

While anit-phishing tools, like the ones offered by Fort Point IT, are your first-line of defense, it’s the awareness of your employees that will keep you most protected.

Ask Fort Point IT how you can safely educate your workforce to spot phishing emails and fake site.

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