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California Consumer Privacy Act 2020

By January 5, 2020No Comments

Californians started 2020 with sweeping new legislation designed provide greater protections for the data passed between websites, consumers, data brokers and just about every company doing business in the Golden State.

CCPA is a good thing for consumers and it’s good for business. But it’s also means that it’s not business as usual. Businesses of any size have to pay attention to the information they collect, store and use. This means the contacts in your CRM, your email database, marketing lists, stored user information (to name a few) all fall under the watchful regulations of CCPA. Being in possession of this type of data means that businesses have to be better stewards. It means meaningful actions should be taken to prevent the misuse or worse, the loss of your customers’ information.

Fort Point IT has put together a handy checklist that provides best-practice steps that should be taken to secure data and business operations.

While the fines for CCPA violations add up quickly, what’s worse is the mandate to report the loss of key customer data. It’s a violation of trust that could ruin a business’ reputation. When adding up the cost of breach remediation, fines notification and the damage to your reputation, a single event can put your out of business.

Fort Point IT has the knowledge and tools you need to prevent costly mistakes and help keep you in compliance. Reach out to us for more information about security solutions for your business.


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